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Our Daughter was born with her nose out of position. Lots of doctors had thoughts on what could have caused it and most added to our worries. Luckily one asked if we would bring her to see Mr Taghi. He immediately knew what had probably caused it and decided to manipulate her nose there and then as she was young, only 5 days old. Almost at once it looked better. Over the course of weeks and then months her nose realigned itself to the perfect position without surgery. In every meeting he assured us along our journey. We consider ourselves lucky that we met Mr Taghi, he helped us enormously, but most of all he helped our daughter and her now perfect nose

Dr Taghi is extremely professional and listens to his patients, this is the second time I see him after a sinuses and ear block episodes. He immediately knew what I suffered from and prescribed medication for the former, and ear cleaning which he performed himself for the latter. He explains in detail the medical condition and treatment without jargon, and that makes it easy for us patients to understand. I highly recommend Dr Taghi! He's gentle giant and very professional, yet extremely kind person with outstanding communications skills

He did a great job to my daughters ear grafting it went so well and her hearing already improved its only been 4weeks since her operation

My son had breathing difficulties from when he was a baby. We had seen several doctors and they suggested he had asthma. He was given medication by other doctors which did not really help. For 2 years I was looking for answers to my son's problems. Doctors were treating his symptoms but no one found out the cause of his symptoms. I almost gave up thinking I will never know what is wrong until we saw Dr Ali Taghi. In one appointment Dr Taghi summed up what my son's problems were and booked him in for bronchoscopy which showed Dr Taghi was correct. I have found that Dr Taghi is very confident and knowledgable in his area of expertice. My son is now being montiored by Dr Taghi on a regular basis. He explained clearly the way forward. I am very greatful that my son is now being seen by Dr Taghi. I feel reassured and have had a lot of questions answered after searching for answers for so long that other doctors had been unable to give. Dr Taghi has a very calm approach and explains things clearly. Thank you!

li taghi has taken great care of me since first meeting him and to this day, any worries or issues I voiced he answered with confidence and kindness. I trusted him with my health completely and i am very thankful for the good work he has done on my nose. For the first time in many years i can breathe again, its only been 2 weeks since my operation so imagine how well it will work once its fully healed. I
would recommend his work fully.
I am very happy with the outcome of my surgery. It has changed my life as I had chronic sinus blockage for over 15 years. I experienced difficulties with breathing, constant sneezing and snoring and I visited several doctors about this problem however, none were able to identify the cause. Since the surgery, I am able to breath easily, I no longer sneeze and my snoring has changed dramatically.
Thank you Mr Ali Taghi.
Ali Taghi, ENT, London
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