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Ali Taghi, ENT, London, Paddington, ear, nose, throat, children

Our aim is to make your journey smooth through the process of care. Our promise is an excellent care with empathy and ultimate hassle free journey. 


We review the following patients:

Insured patients 

Self-paying patients 

Embassy patients


Insured patients: 

It is advisable to call your insurance provider in order to check which documents you might need in order to get an authorisation code. The authorisation code enables us to bill your insurance directly, avoiding the hassle of paying and claiming back.

For most insurance companies a GP referral is necessary in order to provide authorisation. GP could be NHS or private.

Embassy Sponsored patients:

Please visit your embassy in London in order to make sure that they are happy to sponsor you. If they are, they will provide you with a letter of guarantee (LOG) which ensures that your medical bill will be settled by your embassy.

Appointment booking:

Booking an appointment is an easy process and could be done in a variety of ways. One of them is over the phone by calling, or even emailing of filling the form in the contact page. Our email is very responsive and you usually will ge reply within 24 hours

Ali Taghi, ENT, London


When you arrive for your consultation, you will be asked to complete a registration form. Please complete the form as fully as you can. Patients who have not been seen for some time can take this opportunity to ensure that their contact and insurance details are accurate and up to date. If your consultation is at one of the hospitals where Mr. Taghi consults, the hospital may also require you to complete a registration form.

During your consultation, Taghi will take a thorough history of the presenting complaints and perform an examination. The examination may involve camera test with application of anaesthesia, depending on the clinical need at the time to consultation  

After your consultation,  a management plan will be discussed. This may involve further diagnostic tests such as imaging (x-rays or scans), ultrasound with or without needle biopsy, blood tests, balance and hearing tests. Forms for these tests will be given to you, and you will be told where these can be done. 

If your condition does not require further investigations, a prescription for any medical treatment can be given. Please note that this will be a private prescription and some GP practices may not be able to convert these to the NHS ones.

Once you have had any tests done, please contact our office, preferably by email to arrange a follow-up visit. 

A treatment plan will be then suggested, and if appropriate, operative solutions will be discussed in detail. Following such an operative procedure, you will be advised to come back for a follow-up appointment. 

For all NHS related inquiry, please contact Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust Switch Board  
020 3312 6666
NHS secretaries are:
Ms. Catherine Dolan for Paediatric ENT Service
Ms. Min Myint for Adult ENT service  
we, unfortunately, unable to address any NHS inquiry whether via phone call or email as contacts below are for private patients service 
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